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09 Jul: M&A Transaction: Telos Capital Advises InterCool in the Acquisition of the industrial refrigeration division of Freije-RSC

InterCool USA, LLC, one of the nation’s leading industrial refrigeration design-build contractors, today announced the acquisition of the industrial refrigeration division of Freije-RSC, a 50-year-old design-build industrial refrigeration contractor based in Indiana and Ohio. Telos Capital Advisors had the privilege of serving as financial advisors to InterCool…

29 Jan: Telos Capital Advisors Featured on the ‘Your Executive Symphony’ Podcast

In business timing is everything. With an uncertain economic outlook ahead, how do you plan for expected and unexpected events that will affect the value of your business? YES Founder Kelly Kunst of GS Wealth Management talks with Yola Portnoy and Robert Rough of Telos Capital Advisors about contingency planning, market timing and the value of working with a trusted advisor on your biggest business decisions…



At the risk of sounding like an old curmudgeon (which I probably am), a case can be made that technology is increasing the amount of time it takes to get an M&A transaction closed and may even reduce the probability of closing or of a successful investment. Several observations to support the idea…


08 Aug: 10 Key Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Before Choosing a Private Equity Partner

You have decided to sell part of your business. You have hired a qualified investment banker and begun a marketing process. You are ready for the next stage of business ownership: bringing on an investment partner to diversify your assets and create a path to complete exit. Finding the right fit is an inexact science – a combination of due diligence, reference checks, and “gut feel…”


16 Oct: CEOs & Private Equity: Don’t Become a Statistic

An Alix Partners survey found private equity groups (PEGs) replace 58% of CEOs within two years of buying a company and 73% of CEOs during their ownership period. This is a terrible outcome for both the CEO and for the private equity group. How can it be avoided? There are important takeaways for both private equity groups and owner/CEOs of lower middle market companies selling controlling interest to a financial buyer…


20 Sep: Gordy’s Supermarket: Distressed Sale

Notices have been sent out to creditors of Gordy’s Market, notifying them to stake their claim to money owed by a deadline of Nov. 30. Robert Rough, managing director with Telos Capital Advisors LLC—an investment banking firm in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, explained what is happening with the case and offered analysis on what might happen to the stores…