Telos Capital Advisors

Telos is from the Greek word for end or goal. It is the root of the word “teleology” – the study of aims, purpose and intentions. While the aim, purpose or intentions of our clients may be similar, each requires a specific plan and process to achieve Telos.

Telos Capital Advisors, LLC, is a FINRA licensed investment banking firm serving the lower middle market. With our years of experience in business, we have a different approach from many investment banks because we focus on the outcome, the “telos”, that you want, not in just getting a deal done.

We are trusted advisors guiding business owners who seek to monetize the value they have built in their company through a sale or recapitalization. We also work with owners in need of capital to pursue growth opportunities or to stabilize their company’s financial position.

With over sixty years of combined experience, we have worked in almost every industry. However, you are the true industry expert. We are the financial, market and process experts. We know how to present your company and navigate the myriad of financial and strategic partners to identify the ones who will help you achieve your goals.

Our core principles-

-Each client situation is unique and requires a custom approach.

-We will operate with integrity, truth and candor.

-Every client deserves our best in terms of attention to detail, creativity and tenacity.

Please call us so we can talk about achieving your goals.